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It's MEMBERS like yourself that makes this foundation work.  

The World Wide Compassion Foundation is focused on providing high-quality service in our communities all across america and around the globe.

We provide a variety of services for people of all ages, all colors, and all walks of life. Health Services along with Social Services are very important to us!

We support: Cancer patients. Kidney patients. Handicapped Children. Handicapped Adults. Handicapped veterans. Elderly Care, Homelessness, and preventive service such as teen pregnancy, abuse, grief. 

Prescription help. Heart patients. Social Services. We can only do this much needed service with help from caring people just like yourself! 

There are some research institutions that are making great discoveries and we support them also. But this foundation was formed and envisioned to meet the people at their most urgent situation so that a life can be more meaningful.  

We need volunteers to help the community where YOU live.


There are all kinds of handicap's

Physical, mental, social.


Young children need a Chance at their future!


Homelessness is terrible enough, but to

have fought for Your freedom and mine and be homeless is causing our veterans to die, not on the battlefield, but here in America.